Everett Montessori Academy

discover the world in a fun & challenging way

Everett Montessori Academy focus

The curriculum for Everett Montessori Academy will follow the classes necessary to graduate with a high school diploma. The overall structure of subjects will follow a six-year learning model. Each year will cover five new and immersive subjects in addition to English and math. 

The curriculum taught at Everett Montessori Academy satisfies OSPI Washington state standards. The education each student receives will apply to middle and high school graduation requirements. Student learning is paced to accommodate for accelerated learning as well as more foundational, structured learning for students requiring additional support.

A secondary Montessori approach starts with each student. Everett Montessori Academy has a proven system of education that utilizes the building blocks of Montessori to guide students to graduation. Our program includes:

  • Student-centered learning
  • One-on-one guided lessons and activities
  • A unique classroom community
  • Environment that promotes independence
  • An opportunity to incorporate educational interests into the curriculum
  • Hands-on activities and projects

Our classroom gives students the opportunity to discover the world in a fun and challenging way. The 6th to 12th grade classroom engages students of all levels to build on their knowledge with a welcoming, positive environment.

Mr. Stewart

Mr. Stewart has been teaching for 14 years with a focus on the Montessori method for 11 years. His passion for understanding the world and sharing his knowledge shines through in each lesson and activity he does with the class.

Mr. Stewart is passionate about art, science, and homesteading. He often likes to incorporate these areas into the class environment to help instill skills and understanding students can use throughout their lifetimes.

In addition to teaching credentials, Mr. Stewart also has a degree in psychology. His compassion for nurturing growth in a fun, positive environment is a keystone part of Mr. Stewart’s educational leadership.

Mrs. Taylor

In her 23+ years as a Washington educator, Clhoe Taylor has had the privilege of working with both Deaf and Hearing students in a variety of K-12 and college settings. She has worked as a classroom instructional assistant, state certified American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreter, and American Sign Language instructor. Currently, she teaches ASL at the high school level to both Deaf and Hearing students. Mrs. Taylor is also a certified Career and Technical Education (CTE) instructor providing 21st-century, academic and technical skills for all students. Committed to sharing the beauty of Deaf culture and ASL to her students, she will also be teaching math and additional subjects.

Having grown up in Montessori school, Mrs. Taylor considers the Montessori method especially beneficial because it allows teachers to reach students at their own level and foster independence and confidence in every student.

Outside of teaching she enjoys spending time with her family and enjoying a great cup of coffee.